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György Zala was born as György Mayer on April 16, 1858, in a Roman Catholic family in Alsólendva. After graduation, he enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering and then a drawing school. He wanted to be a painter, but Adolf Huszár discouraged him and introduced him to the world of sculpture. In 1879 he was admitted to the Vienna Academy, from where went to the Munich Academy. In 1883 he changed his name to György Zala. In 1893 he began the work on the statue of Gyula Andrássy, which was inaugurated in 1906. In 1894 he was commissioned to erect the Millennial Monument to commemorate the Hungarian Conquest. In all respects, this monument was one of the greatest works of Hungarian sculpture.

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Place and date of birth
Ledava, 16.04.1858
Place and date of death
Budimpešta, 31.07.1937
Articles created
konjeniški kip grofa Andrássyja,
kipi Ferenca Deáka,
kip kraljice Elizabete,
kip Marija in Magdalena.
Written sources
Zala György Lendván: kiállításvezető = György Zala v Lendavi: vodnik po razstavi, 2010. Lendava: Galerija-Muzej.
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300 dpi
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brez omejitev
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Tadeja Andrejek

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