Review of documented digitizers
3. March, 2020

Folk tale from Kétvölgy

Sojenice (Sojenice) / Fate fairies In the Slovenian Rába Region, fate fairies predict the fate of a child at the birth. Local version of an international motif. (ATU 934)
11. February, 2020

Lullaby from Szalafő

They were singing this lullaby when the baby was rocked in a hutch or cradle. A variation of three words (heje, baba, bijja) gives the lyrics of the song. The lullaby was collected in 1972 by Antal Békefi.
3. March, 2020

Slovenian folk tale from Felsőszölnök

Stolnjek prestri se (Prtič pogrni se) / Wishing-tablecloth The Rába Region’s Slovenes’ version of the internationally known “Wishing-Table” tale . (ATU 563)