Review of documented digitizers
3. March, 2020

Folk tale from Kétvölgy

Sojenice (Sojenice) / Fate fairies In the Slovenian Rába Region, fate fairies predict the fate of a child at the birth. Local version of an international motif. (ATU 934)
11. February, 2020

Lullaby from Szalafő

They were singing this lullaby when the baby was rocked in a hutch or cradle. A variation of three words (heje, baba, bijja) gives the lyrics of the song. The lullaby was collected in 1972 by Antal Békefi.
3. March, 2020

Slovenian folk song from Alsószölnök

A wedding song that was sung when the bride left her home.
3. March, 2020

Slovenian folk tale from Felsőszölnök

Stolnjek prestri se (Prtič pogrni se) / Wishing-tablecloth The Rába Region’s Slovenes’ version of the internationally known “Wishing-Table” tale . (ATU 563)