The aim of the e-documenta Pannonica project is to establish interdisciplinary grounds based on authentic archaeological, ethnographic, cultural-historical and biographical data of 120 settlements in the Slovenian-Hungarian cross-border regions, Prekmurje and in Vas County.

The project involves institutions professionally engaged in the recording, collection, research, protection, storage and communication of the cross-border cultural heritage. The partnership establishes a common methodology for collecting, storing and publishing cultural heritage data, which will be a permanent form of professional cooperation.

The project products, especially the web portal accessible through the mobile application, can be used by schoolchildren, university students, educators, tourism providers, tour guides, local communities, companies and others; all those who employ the cultural heritage for educational, promotional and economic purposes.

The aim of the project is to increase the amount of authentic, publicly available data on cultural heritage and to promote the use of these data. The products of the e-documenta Pannonica project are intended for those interested in the diverse cultural heritage and history of the cross-border areas, and for their recognition and inclusion in the tourism offer in both countries.