Webinar in Slovenian language with English subtitles (Institute for Tourism, Culture and Sport Beltinci)

Webinar in Hungarian language with English subtitles (Savaria County Municipal Museum)


1How does the search engine work? Earlier, Ksenija entered "Pecarov", i.e. without č. Is it better to search like that or will both options, č or c work?
For better hits or more relevant hits, it is best to always write only the root of the word in the browser, because the browser searches, for example, if you write "pečarovski" you will surely get fewer hits than if you write only the root. Similarly, if you write only the first three letters of the word Lendava, you will certainly get more data, because the browser pulls data from both the titles and the content. Č, Ž, Š, that’s basically all the same, you can write č, ž, š, so both are options.