Kühar, Franc-Feri


Feri Kühar attended the Technical School (Polytechnic) in Ljubljana. His teacher, France Kralj, academic painter and sculptor, brought the socio-peasant genre to sculpting and the first sculptor from Prekmurje followed his example. Images of peasant women, men and children in wood, terracotta, patinated plaster and, only rarely, in steel are his best works, but he also sculpted portraits and several tombstones. He died of typhus in a German concentration camp Flossenbürg.

Information on digitization

Name of site
Murska Sobota
Other settlement names
Muraszobat, Olsnitz
Place and date of birth
Rankovci, 15. maj 1916
Place and date of death
Flossenbürg, 24. februar 1945
Articles created
Vezalec snopa, 1940, les (UZ-1027). Hrani: Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota.
Portret dr. Avgusta Pavla, 1942, bron. Hrani: Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota.
Written sources
Obal, F., 1984. Feri Kühar 1916–1945, Retrospektivna razstava kiparskih del, katalog. Murska Sobota: Kulturni center Miško Kranjec DE Galerija.
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PMMS_075_E_0001.jpg; PMMS_075_E_0002.jpg; PMMS_017_E_0001.jpg;
300 x 300 dpi, 762 x 762 dpi
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Ob uporabi gradiva je obvezna navedba vira ( in ustanove ali posameznika, ki hrani izvirnik.
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Tamara Andrejek

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