Roman Gravestone of the Vibenius Family

Roman Gravestone

first half of the 2nd century

Roman gravestone, dedicated to Vibenus, Marciae Crispina and Marcio Vibiano, that was said to have been found in 1810 around Dolga vas. The upper part of the tombstone is carved into two lions lying down, between them is the head of a bearded old man. The niche of the tombstone is filled by the portraits of the Vibenus family. On the tape between the niche and the inscription is an embossed hunting scene. The inscription on the stele, translated from Latin, reads: Vibenus, son of Vani, erected this (tombstone) while still alive for himself, his wife, Marciae Crispina, and son, Marcio Vibiano, 8 years old. On the base two swimming dolphins are portrayed.

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Dolga vas
Other settlement names
Place of origin/discovery
delavnica savarijskega kroga
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Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota inv. št. 48
Written sources
Šašel, J., 1953. Doneski k zgodovini Prekmurja v starem veku. V: Kronika 3/1. Str. 40-49.
Kerman, B., 1991. Dve antični nagrobni steli iz Sobote. V: Zbornik soboškega muzeja 2, (1991/1992). Str. 5–12.
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PMMS_027_A_0001. jpg
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dr. Branko Kerman

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