Flax-comb from Apátistvánfalva


20th century

A wooden base with handle, with two rows of wrought iron nails at the end, with which the flax seed was pulled off the top of the plant. In Hungary it was used only in the westernmost part of Transdanubia. It is widespread among Slovenians.

Information on digitization

Materials and techniques
wooden, metal
Name of site
Other settlement names
Istvánfalu, Istvánfalva, Balázsfalva, Stephelsdorff, Stephanovczy, Ischtwánfalu, Stephansdorf, Istvanfalu, Stepheldorf, Stephanovczy, Stefansdorf, Stefelsdorf
Dimensions of the object (H/W/D)
48 cm / 26,6 cm / 6,6 cm
Labels and indication marks
1896 Bedi F
Specialist description
Name of institution or personage holding object; identification number of object
Pável Ágoston Helytörténeti és Szlovén Nemzetiségi Gyűjtemény, Szentgotthárd 83.12.3
Written sources
Szolnoky Lajos: Népi lenfeldolgozó eljárások a Dunántúlon. Néprajzi Közlemények, 1956.
File name
300 dpi
Restrictions on use
Date of documentation
Person documenting
dr. Horváth Sándor

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