Black alder


Tamara Rimele


Polanski Log, a forest area extending between Mala Polana, Brezovica and Nedelica, is the largest black alder site in Europe. The alder needs a lot of water to grow. It survived here because groundwater remained on the surface in the forest throughout the year. Today the alder is under threat as a result of regulation work and decreasing rainfall, and alder forests are disappearing from our environment. Polanski Log is one of the rare surviving complete ecosystems in which besides the black alder many other endangered plant and animal species have their home.

Information on digitization

Materials and techniques
paper, linocut
Name of site
Mala Polana
Other settlement names
Place of origin/discovery
Name of institution or personage holding object; identification number of object
Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota. Inventarna številka UZ-2317.
Written sources
Fujs, M., 2019. Sto dejstev o Prekmurju. Murska Sobota: Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota.
File name
600 dpi
Restrictions on use
Brez omejitev
Date of documentation
Person documenting
Tadeja Andrejek

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