Besamin – scent vessel

Unknown manufacturer

19. century

Spices in the vessel were used and scented for various rituals. Such vessels were made in different shapes and materials, usually richly decorated. From a wider base a thinner leg is formed, passing over in typical onion-shaped closed middle part; this consists of lower and upper part, the last narrowing to the top and closing with stylized decorative banner.

Information on digitization

Materials and techniques
Name of site
Murska Sobota
Other settlement names
Name of institution or personage holding object; identification number of object
Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota, UZ - 1781.
Written sources
Katalog stalne razstave, 1997. Murska Sobota: Pokrajinski muzej.
Web page
File name
300 dpi
Restrictions on use
Brez omejitev
Date of documentation
Person documenting
Tadeja Andrejek

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