Ancova Gallery


20th century

The Nedelica Society for Cultural Traditions and Objects (Društvo za ohranjanje kulturnozgodovinskih izročil in predmetov ) was founded in 2008. Collector Boris Kučko started collecting wine-related items as early as 1994. Today, the ethnographic, art history and historical collection contains more than 10,000 pieces. The collection goals are clear: to preserve the heritage of the local villages, primarily Nedelica from the Turnišče parish and other villages in the Prekmurje region, provided that they are related to the overall history of the Ancova Bara Gallery. The gallery was named after the collector's grandmother, who told a lot of stories about past, local events.

Information on digitization

Materials and techniques
Name of site
Other settlement names
Place of origin/discovery
Nedelica in okolica
Name of institution or personage holding object; identification number of object
Ancova galerija, Nedelica 115 a, 9224 Turnišče
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96 x 96 dpi
Restrictions on use
Ob uporabi gradiva je obvezna navedba vira (www.documenta-pannonica.si) in ustanove ali posameznika, ki hrani izvirnik.
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Person documenting
Tadeja Andrejek

Photo gallery

In case of using any of the materials, citation of the source (www.documenta-pannonica.eu ) and of institution or indvidual by whom the material is located is mandatory.
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