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Decorated well

traditions and customs

At New Year's Eve, people affixed small pine trees (krispan) to the wells, decorated with colorful ribbons to provide good and fresh water throughout the year. This was the custom in the villages of Goričko too. As the housewife in Felsőszölnök/Gornji Senik put the decorated pine tree on the well of the house, she said:
»Če si remen, te te zemen, če si brdan, te te njan.«

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Gornji Senik/Felsőszölnök
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Marija Kozar, Etnološki slovar Slovencev na Madžarskem, Monošter/Szombathely, 1996, str. 175.
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300 dpi
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Brez omejitev
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Tadeja Andrejek

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