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Časar's Mill

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Berkovci 30

The Časar water mill in Berkovci ceased working in 1968 and, since 2000, it has become a museum, registered as Immobile Cultural Heritage, nr. EŠD 9272. It is a two-storeyed wooden mill structure, built in 1930. In 1946, the water wheel was replaced by a Francis turbine, the additional power came from a piston engine, powered by wood gas. Inside the mill is the extension with the piston engine, turbine and an arranged ethnological collection.
Anica and her husband, Zvone, received the mill as a wedding gift and, in 1995, they started arranging and taking care of it. The owners kept the piston engine, which is a rarity in Slovenia, and with their own knowledge and work, ensured that it was still working.

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Anica and Zvone Petje
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EŠD 9272
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180 x 180 dpi
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Ob uporabi gradiva je obvezna navedba vira ( in ustanove ali posameznika, ki hrani izvirnik.
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Jelka Pšajd

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