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Melinci is today synonymous with brick making. From the year 1992 , TD Brod presents this activity at the Brick-making Days, especially the brick-making and brick-firing. There is also an outdoor brick wall for touristic purposes, where visitors can familiarize themselves with the craft. Of the 244 houses, 111 are built of homemade bricks or adobe. The oldest house made of homemade brick was erected in 1850. Brick-making and firing survived until the 1970s due to the high quality of the clay, the work done in the “kaláka” (a voluntary cooperative work) and the know-how of the brick-makers. The manufacturing process of the handmade bricks took 14-30 days.

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Melincz, Muramelence
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Tourist society Brod
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Tadeja Andrejek

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