Built Cultural Heritage

Popava archaeological site



Copper Age, late Bronze Age, Roman period, the early Middle Ages

The Popava site is located in the northern part of Lipovci along the Prekmurje highway.
The remains of settlements from several eras and an early medieval tomb have been uncovered.
The place was a late Copper Age colony. Above-ground objects, dwelling pits, strata, and wells have been found that date back to the Lasinja culture (around 4200 BC).
It was sparsely populated in the Late Bronze Age and Roman Era.
The area became more populated in the early Middle Ages. On the site, many dwelling pits, waste pits, stoves and ovens have been excavated from the late 6th to early 9th centuries.

Information on digitization

Name of site
Other settlement names
Hársliget, Lippahócz
Identification number of unit
Persons or organizations tied to history of unit of built cultural tradition
Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota
Protection status of unit
Spomenik lokalnega pomena
Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine – enota Maribor
File name
300 dpi
Restrictions on use
Brez omejitev
Date of documentation
Person documenting
Tadeja Andrejek

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