Built Cultural Heritage

Ivankovci archaeological site


Copper Age, late Bronze Age, older and younger Iron Age, the high Middle Ages

The Ivankovci site is located next to the Prekmurje highway, west of the village of Trimlini, opposite the biogas plant. Settlement remains from several eras have been uncovered at the site.
In the late Copper Age there was a small colony with several dwelling pits. The finds are related to the archaeological Lasinja culture (about 4200 BC). Dwelling pits from the early and late Iron Age (around 800-0 BC), had been excavated, with pottery finds mostly. The site was home to a village called Iweankatheluky in the Middle Ages (11th to 14th centuries). The village became depopulated in the last quarter of the 14th century.

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Name of site
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Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota
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Spomenik lokalnega pomena
Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine – enota Maribor
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Brez omejitev.
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Tadeja Andrejek

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