Built Cultural Heritage

Church of St. Ana, Boreča

sacred architecture

Boreča 52a

Origin: 1521

The late Gothic village church dates from 1521. The church's relatively high nave is preserved and polygonally shaped, the closed off presbytery is narrower and lower. The church was arched in the baroque style in 1739. It is built from bricks and stone, the belfry above the presbytery is wooden and covered with shingles. The interior of the church was furnished in 1911.

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Name of site
Other settlement names
Main building material
brick, stone
Identification number of unit
EŠD 2998
Boreča 52a
Protection status of unit
Enota je zavedena kot spomenik pri ZVKDS.
Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine Slovenije – OE Maribor
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PMMS_010_C_0001.jpg; PMMS_010_C_0002.jpg; PMMS_010_C_0003.jpg;
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Tamara Andrejek

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