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Type plans of buildings for the Ostffyasszonyfa prison camp


K. u. K. technical headquarters of the HQ



Armies of unprecedented numbers were deployed during World War I, and of course the losses were very high for each warring party. The Geneva Convention (1864) obliges everyone to treat prisoners of war in a humane way, so health facilities have been designed with great care. The Army Central Engineering Department has provided type designs so to get construction contractors up and running as soon as possible. Built near the Ostffyasszonyfa (actually Nagysimonyi), a barrack town of 40-50,000 people has already been disappeared nearly without a trace, and is overgrown by a forest.

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3 lap
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A barakkok terveinek teljes anyaga, és szöveges leírása a Vas Megyei Levéltárban megtalálható, eredetiben a hadparancsnokság pozsonyi levéltára őrzi. Fényképek a táborról a weben találhatók.
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Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár Vas Megyei Levéltára ; XI. 22. Vas megyei építési vállalkozók iratai, 3. doboz. HU_MNL_VaML_Ofai_hft_TR_0035_Wasch_u_Aborthaus_r; HU_MNL_VaML_Ofai_hft_TR_0042_Krankenbaracke_f_28_Mann_r.; HU_MNL_VaML_Ofai_hft_TR_0050_Gemauerter_Back”fen_r
Written sources
CSÁK Zsófia: Az ostffyasszonyfai hadifogolytábor története, 1915-1918. Bőv. átd. kiad. [Ostffyasszonyfa], 2014.
Web page A hadifogolytábor halotti anyakönyvei/ / Zapisi o smrti taborišča vojnih ujetnikov:
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MNL_VaML_0088_B_0013 - MNL_VaML_0088_B_0015
300 dpi; 600 dpi
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Kóta Péter

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