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The Vogler restaurant in Cankova


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The Vogler villa, owned by the Vogler family, consists of several residential and commercial buildings in the center of Cankova. The building complex was built between 1718 and 1737 and served as a hunting castle. Due to Cankova's location along the trade route between Austria and Murska Sobota, the building played an important commercial role. When Ferdinand Vogler bought the building in 1863, the restaurant was already in operation. The Vogler family continued the tradition. They increased their wine production and established a representative wine cellar on their nearby vineyards. After the Second World War, the whole estate was nationalized. Today there is a cafe in the building.

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Vashidegkút, Kaltenbrunn
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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor Arhivski fond: SI_PAM/1693, Zbirka fotografij in razglednic 19.-21. st, ovoj: A1.1.28-1 SI_PAM/1693/004/001/036
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Ksenija Rojht, Gordana Šövegeš Lipovšek

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