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Statement by Gábriel Kövér, who was the chairman of the Heritage Management Committee of Count Ferenc Nádasdy, on citizens of Zalaegerszeg, Turnišče and Dobronak


Gabriel Kövér

1674. 5. 19.


Count Ferenc Nádasdy III (1623-1671) was a member of one of the most prominent Hungarian aristocratic families. He entered history as the leader of a conspiracy against the Habsburg Emperor Leopold I. The plot was discovered and he was sentenced to death: on April 30, 1671, he was beheaded in Vienna. Until his death he had extensive estates in the Prekmurje Region. After his death the estate was taken over by the Hungarian Royal Chamber.

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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor Arhivski fond: SI_PAM/1930 Trg Turnišče, TE 1 SI_PAM/1930_00003
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Hozjan, A., 2011. Franc III. Nádasdy in Prekmurje. Ob 34. obletnici usmrtitve protihabsburškega zarotnika. V: Kronika: Časopis za slovensko krajevno zgodovino, letn. 59, št.2 (2011). Str. 211–230.
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