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Road and house near Hotiza


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Hotiza was first mentioned in 1389. In 1524 the place was mentioned as Hothyza. Until 1644 it belonged to the Bánffy family estates. After the family line ended, it became the property of the Nádasdy family, who, together with other estates, sold the village to the Eszterházy family in 1690. During the war of 1848-1849, it suffered a great damages. In order to prevent the passage of Jelačić's army, on December 13, 1848, the Hungarians sank the ferry of Hotiza.In 1869 it had 458 inhabitants, the population being the largest in 1948, at that time 1052 people lived there. At the end of the 19th century the place’s Hungarian name was Murarév. The photo shows a homestead near Hotiza.

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Murarév, Hotticza
1 kos
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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor Arhivski fond: SI_PAM/1702 Zbirka albumov fotografij in razglednic, TE 20, ovoj: 2-14, F-4/97 SI_PAM/1702/005/002/001_00032
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Brez omejitev
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Ksenija Rojht, Gordana Šövegeš Lipovšek

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