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Report on children's religious education and spiritual exercises in the 1933/34 school year


Parish Office Pertoča



The Gerlinci School was founded in 1899. Initially, it had one class, later another one was added. Education was first conducted in Hungarian, then, after 1921, in Slovene, then, during the Second World War, partly in Hungarian and partly in Prekmurje dialect. In the 1960s, the school became a branch of the Cankova Elementary School, and was closed in 1971. Until 1952, religious education was taught at the school. It was taught by pastors who also wrote regular yearly reports. A report from the 1933/34 school year reveals that there were 56 boys and 51 girls in the Gerlinci School who regularly attended religious education and received sacraments.

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Görhegy, Görlinci, Jörgelsdorf
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Župnijski urad Pertoča
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Nadškofijski arhiv Maribor / NŠAM, Škofijska pisarna, P 1, šk. 7
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Urlep Lilijana

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