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Renovation of the Lutheran church in Puconci, designed by László Takáts


László Takáts



The first Lutheran congregation was established in Puconci in 1783, after the Patent of toleration of 1781. The church in Puconci was already consecrated in 1784. In 1855/56 the church was renovated and a new altar, gallery, pulpit and organ were added. In 1908, László Takáts, an architect from the Prekmurje Region, who also led the construction of the Budapest Parliament, prepared plans for the renovation of the church. On behalf of the Lutheran religious community of Puconci, he applied for a building permit together with the then local pastor Gyula Porkoláb. The works began in May 1909. The church received new gates, windows, floors and a new organ, and the facade was also renovated.

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Balažic, E., 2003. Zgodovina puconske cerkvene občine: posvečeno 220-letnici cerkvene občine. Puconci: Evangeličanska cerkvena občina Puconci.

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