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Protocol on the property of Countess Zichy, 1945-1946


Department of the Interior for Murska Sobota County

1945. 12. 07. - 1946. 01. 11.


The history of the Beltinci Castle is linked to several noble families. The last of them was the Zichy family, led by Mária Ifigénia Zichy. At the time of the liberation of the Prekmurje, when the Countess was no longer in the castle, many objects and works of art were stealed. On December 17, 1945, the national government ordered all objects to be deposited with the State Property Directorate in Beltinci. Then the objects were transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture. Their later fate is not explained. There were four protocols on the transfer of objects. The objects were registered and their characteristics were described, along with the location where they were found.

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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor / Maribori Területi Levéltár SI_PAM/0442 Okrožni ljudski odbor Maribor, TE 73, ovoj 9 SI_PAM/0442/004/00139
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Ksenija Rojht

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