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Problem areas in the floodplain of the Rába and the Vörös Creek


Kovátsits Sigmond



The Rába section at Ivánc is extremely problematic in terms of flood protection. The survey chart here explains this: you can see that the Rába is in a river bed that is about two meters higher than the Vörös Creek. A few kilometers further down, it actually merges into the deeper section, and from there it continues together with Csörnöc, (which, on the lower sections, is called Herpenyő) the southern side - which collects the water of the Hegyhát springs. At high water levels, the river and the creeks are merged and they become almost like a sea.

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Lásd még: Csákány, hídépítés, Ivánc, Rába és Vörös-patak, MNL VaML XV. 1. a. T2 térképek (HUNGARICANA on-line adatbázis)!
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Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár Vas Megyei Levéltára; HU_VaML XV. a. T 3 HU_VaML XV. a. T 2
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Sziklay János – Borovszky Samu (szerk.): Magyarország vár-me¬gyéi és városai, VI. (Vas Vármegye) Budapest 1898.
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MNL_VaML_0051_B_0017 - MNL_VaML_0051_B_0018
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