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Primary school in Pečarovci


Unknown author

before the Second World War


The Catholic school was built in Pečarovci in 1816. The Lutheran children went to school in Puconci. Until 1879, the language of education was the Prekmurje dialect, then the Hungarian, except the religious education. In 1922, the Lutherans also founded their own school, which was closed in 1926, the students transferred to the Catholic school. In January 1931, the Catholic school was also transformed into a state-owned public school. The school operated until 1974. Then only one student enrolled, so the school was closed. The students attended primary school in Moščanci. The photo shows the class of Géza Kardoš. Next to him is the portrait of the teachers Sarolta and Géza Kardoš.

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Kokolj, M. in Horvat, B., 1977. Prekmursko šolstvo. Murska Sobota: Pomurska založba Murska Sobota.
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