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Postcard from Puconci


unknown author

before 1927


The postcard shows a street in Puconci before 1927. The building on the left, in front of which local people are standing, is the Kuhar restaurant, which is still operating. It was opened in 1904 when the former “Pavlič” restaurant was renovated and expanded. Next to the restaurant was the Bukvič grocery. On the right side of the postcard there is a park surrounding a Lutheran church with a wooden fence. Around 1927 this was replaced by a wall fence. On the back of the postcard there is text written in Prekmurje dialect.

Information on digitization

Name of site
Other settlement names
Battyánd, Puczincz
1 kos
Place of origin/discovery
Name of institution or personage holding object; identification number of object
Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor SI_PAM/1799 Zbirka gradiva mednarodnega arhivskega raziskovalnega tabora TE 5, ovoj 5/1/10 SI_PAM/1799/005/003/00010
File name
400 x 400 dpi
Restrictions on use
Brez omejitev
Date of documentation
Person documenting
Ksenija Rojht

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