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Photograph of the evaluation of breeding stock in Puconci


unknown author

1930. 09. 29.


On September 29, 1930, the Murska Sobota Agricultural Breeding Section organized an exhibition of Simmental cattle in Puconci. The animals were judged and rewarded at the exhibition – they received a prize or gift for the best breeding animal. In Puconci the first prize was awarded to Stefan Kühar's cow.

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Name of site
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Battyánd, Puczincz
1 kos
Place of origin/discovery
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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor /Maribori Területi Levéltár SI_PAM/1524 Gašper Lipovšek, TE 1, SI_PAM/1524/002/00007
Written sources
Novine, 11. oktober 1930, št. 41, str. 4.
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400 x 400 dpi
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Brez omejitev
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Ksenija Rojht

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