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Notes on the birth of József Klekl, later priest and politician


Marko (Kolenko) Terdeši



Starting from the Modern Age, pastors have kept baptismal/birth, marriage, and death registers in which their church members' birth, marriage, and death records were registered. On October 13, 1874, the birth of József Klekl (1874-1948) was registered in the birth register of Tišina parish. József Klekl was a priest, politician, and intellectual, born on October 1, 1874 in Krajna, his parents were Štefan Klekl and Terezija Šalman. He was ordained a priest in 1897 and served in various settlements until his retirement in 1910. He then was involved mainly in publishing and political activities and worked to preserve the Slovenians in the Slovenska krajina.

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