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Nándor Fuss, a pharmacist at Alsólendva, opens pharmacy in Beltinci


Fuss Nándor

1889. 12. 20.


In 1885, Franz Nándor Fuss opened a pharmacy in Dolnja Lendava. On December 20, 1887, he applied to the Budapest Ministry of the Interior to open a pharmacy in Beltinci. The reason for his request was that Alsólendva is 21 km from Beltinci, a town of central location, and 7-8 thousand people who do not have a pharmacy. There are, however, two doctors with home pharmacies, that do great harm to the official pharmacist. On September 5, 1888, the Ministry gave permission to Frigyes Nándor Fuss to open the pharmacy, which was officially opened on January 30, 1889.

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