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Manuscript of the Wake songs songbook


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Mihály Zsupanek and his son János Zsupanek (1861-1951) were important collectors of the Prekmurje Region. János, a cantor and organist, continued his father's work and recorded many folk songs and adaptations. Three song collections in manuscript remain. The first booklet dates from 1884. It contains 32 wake songs and 7 other church songs. This manuscript was the basis for the songbook Mrtvecsne peszmi / Wale Songs published in print in 1910.

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90 listov
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Veliki Dolenci
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Nadškofijski arhiv Maribor NŠAM, 2085, Škafar Ivan, šk. 10
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Slovenski biografski leksikon, geslo Županek Mihael, spletni vir:, pridobljeno 30. 9. 2019
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300 x 300 dpi
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Brez omejitev
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Igor Filipič

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