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List of persons settled in Dolga vas, 1951


The City People's Committe Dolnja Lendava

1951. 02. 10.


Between 1921 and 1934, colonies of settlers were established in the areas inhabited in majority by Hungarians around Lendava, where refugees from the coast and Istria, as well as Slovenian families from other parts of the Prekmurje region, were settled. Such colonies have been established in Petišovci, Benice, Pince-Marof, Mostje, Gyaberje, Kamovci and Dolga vas. The last colony was established in Dolga vas, in 1934, where seven Slovenian families from the Mediterranean and five families from the Prekmurje region were settled. A total of 254 families were settled, with a total of 1,305 family members. At the time of the 1951 census, there were 14 settled families in Dolga vas.

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Dolga vas/Hosszúfalu
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Dolga vas
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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor / Maribori Területi Levéltár Mestni ljudski odbor Dolnja Lendava SI_PAM/0164, TE 18, spis 141/51 SI_PAM/0164/014/00004
Written sources
Kovács, A., 1990. Agrarna reforma in kolonizacija na območju Dolnje Lendave med obema vojnama. V: Razprave in gradivo – Inštitut za narodnostna vprašanja, Ljubljana, št. 53 (1990). Str. 68–97.
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Ksenija Rojht

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