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Ivan Perša, Slovenian Catholic priest, April 2, 1861 – September 26, 1935


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in the 1930’s


Ivan Perša, born on April 2, 1861 in Ižakovci, ordained in 1885, chaplain in Grad. He established the Covenant of the Holy Scapulary and the Heart of Jesus and Mary. From May 1887 he continued his work at Alsószölnök until 1894, when he was transferred to Felsőszölnök. His work, written in Prekmurje dialect, entitled Odetno Skapulera Od vnouge i velke miloscse i Pomouc, was published in 1898 in Szentgotthárd. The work gives advice and guidance to young pastors. From August 1913 until his death on September 26, 1935, he was a priest in Pecarovci. The photo was taken at the Perša’s Gold Mass, attended by Janoš Slepec and Dean Jožef Hauko, pastor Jožef Klekl and lawyer Nikolai Pinter.

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fotografija je del zasebnega arhivskega gradiva Knjižico Od vnouge i velke miloscse i pomoucsi Szvétoga Skapulera, hrani Pokrajinska in študijska knjižnica v Murski Soboti
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