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Invitation to a carnival party and stump-pulling in Cankova


unknown author

1930. 03. 04.


Stump-pulling is a carnival tradition very similar to “borovo gostüvanje” log-pulling. In villages where no weddings were held until the carnival, young girls and boys pulled logs or stumps across the village on Carnival Tuesday. Tradition includes wedding ceremonies of “borovo gostüvanje” log-pulling. The carnival habit has a symbolic meaning: it mocked young people who could not find a spouse yet. The poster invites to a stump-pulling on Cankova on March 4, 1930, on carnival Tuesday. The carnival was followed by a dancing party.

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Vashidegkút, Kaltenbrunn
1 kos
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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor / Maribori Területi Levéltár SI_PAM/1524 Gašper Lipovšek, TE 1, ovoj 4. 3. 1930, SI_PAM/1524/001/00021
Written sources
Kuhar, B., 1964. Borovo gostüvanje: Ob spremembah, ki jih prinaša čas. V: Slovenski etnograf 16-17. Str. 133–148.
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400 x 400 dpi
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Brez omejitev
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Ksenija Rojht

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