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Hodos gets a telephone exchange


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1933. 11. 22.


The first telephone exchange in Hodos was established on November 22, 1933. According to Murska krajina newspaper, this day was a true national holiday. Among the guests, besides the technical and postal workers in Ljubljana, there were the director of the post office, dr. Tavzes, district commander, Lipovšek, head of the Murska Sobota post office, Vutkovič, headmaster of Verteš school and Frahm, a teacher. Speakers emphasized the importance of the new telephone line in the district of Murska Sobota. At the end of the article, the journalist highlighted that the new post office was the merit of Benko, a representative, and it is due to him that the needs of those from Hodos were met.

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Otvoritev telefonske centrale v Hodošu, v: Murska krajina, 3. december 1933, št. 49, str. 1.
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