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Gypsy knife-grinder in Tišina


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Knife-grinding was one of the old crafts of the Gypsies of the Prekmurje Region. The Prekmurje knife-grinders throughout the Prekmurje Region and Slovenia. They only returned to their homes every three or four months. The knife-grinder was usually accompanied by his wife. The husband grinded tools or repaired umbrellas, and his wife collected the items to be repaired and provided food. In the villages, grinders were eagerly awaited because no one else could grind knives so well. In addition to grinding knives, Gypsy grinders patched the pans as well. In the picture taken in Tišina in 1935, a grinder can be seen with his grinding wheel.

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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor / Maribori Területi Levéltár Arhivski fond: SI_PAM/1702 Zbirka albumov fotografij in razglednic, TE 20 , ovoj 2- 14, F-4/101 SI_PAM/1702/005/002/001_00096
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Štrukelj, P., 1968. Obrt in drugi viri za preživljanje pri Ciganih v Sloveniji. V: Slovenski etnograf, letnik 21/22 (1968/69). Str. 73–100.
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Ksenija Rojht, Gordana Šövegeš Lipovšek

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