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Donation of Count Péter Széchi to Ferenc Tulok


Rimaszécsi gr. Széchi Péter

1684. 09. 26.


Péter Széchi, the last male member of the famous Széchi family in Lendava and Rimaszécs, died in October 1684 in Vienna. In order to paying off his debts, and in return for the loyalty of his servants, his last orders practically distributed a substantial portion of his wealth. Antal Ferenc Tulok became one of the main beneficiaries of these donations. He was already very high-ranking, and in 1689 he was awarded the title of Baron. The significance of this document is given by the fact that it provides credible information about the population of several villages belonging to the Murska Sobota estate (Tessanóc, Mladetinc, Marác, etc., in total 32 households).

Information on digitization

Name of site
Murska Sobota
Other settlement names
Size description
A dokumentum oldalainak méretei
3 oldal
Place of origin/discovery
Bécs, (hitelesítés Kőszeg, 1684. 10. 13.)
Specialist description
A Tulok család levéltárának töredékei az MNL Országos Levéltárában (R 319 - No. 2159/1-2.) és Vas Megyei Levéltárában (XIII. 39.) találhatók.
Name of institution or personage holding object; identification number of object
Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár Országos Levéltár P 2257 533. 5-6.
File name
MNL_VaML_0075_B_0017 - MNL_VaML_0075_B_0019
72 dpi
Restrictions on use
Korlátozás nélkül
Date of documentation
Person documenting
Kóta Péter

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