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Dictionary of Prekmurje idioms, words and geographical names


Lipovšek Gašper



In May 1920, Gašper Lipovšek was appointed civil commissioner of the Prekmurje. In June 1921, after the creation of the Murska Sobota District Governor's Office, he became the first District Governor and later the District Commander. In his bequest, a booklet with local idioms, words and geographical names was found. For some words, even a location for usage was recorded. For example: “There are several peasant attorneys (“fiskális”) in the Prekmurje region. When the Prekmurje got occupied on August 11-12, 1919, attorney Gomboc, living in G. Slaveč, was asked by Šeruga public notary from Lendava: “What's the news in Murska Sobota?” Gomboc answered: The devil took your chancellery and mine.”

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