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Danijel Halas with the participants of the cooking course


Unknown author

Between 1933 and 1937


Danijel Halas was the first pastor of Velika Polana. He was considered an enthusiastic and wise priest. As leader of the Society of Mary he encouraged the worship of Jesus' Heart, and read periodicals from Hungary. He was also the editor and author of the papers Novine and Marijin list. His writing entitled Pšenično zrno iz Polane (Polana wheat grain) was published in 2002. He was arrested by the Hungarian authorities in 1941 on charges of cooperating with Slovenian communists and jailed in Budapest, along with pastors Ivan Camplin and Mihael Jerič. After his return, he continued his pastoral work until March 16, 1945, when he was killed near the River Mura on his way home.

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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor /Maribori Területi Levéltár Arhivski fond: SI_PAM/1799 Zbirka gradiva mednarodnega arhivskega raziskovalnega tabora, Odprtje Enote za Prekmurje v Lendavi 1994 - priložnostna razstava, Dokumenti, ki se nanašajo na šolstvo, zdravstvo, šport, kulturo, versko življenje in društva, TE 5, ovoj 5/3/5 SI_PAM/1799/005/005/00005
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