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Consecration of new bells in the Pečarovci Catholic Church


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1924. 4. 21.


On Easter Monday 1924, new bells were consecrated at Pečarovci Parish, which were casted at the Anton Blazin Factory in Zagreb. The original bells were removed from the temple during World War I. At the dedication, Pastor Ivan Perša thanked the donors for their contributions. He highlighted the American donors Ivan Gomboc, Matjaš Rogan and Peter Kreft. The godparents of the bells were Jožef Gašpar, Aleksander Palatin and Franc Kerec. According to Perša, the tireless work of Ivan Horvat had a special merit in setting up the new bells. The bells were set into the belfry by a Murska Sobota bricklayer called Novak.

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