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Brick drying in Melinci


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Melinci was long known for making brick, or “cigel”. The clay deposit, the workforce and the skilled craftsmen who knew the art of brick making and firing contributed to the survival of brick making until the 1970s. Most important, however, was the economic aspect: industrial bricks were too expensive. Every day, 4,000 raw bricks were made. The blatar prepared and mixed the clay, the foringaš shaped the brick in a brick model, while the odnašarca dried the bricks in a room dedicated to this purpose. The 1935 photograph shows drying bricks in two large piles.

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Muramelence, Melincz
2 fotografiji
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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor / Maribori Területi Levéltár Arhivski fond: SI_PAM/1702 Zbirka albumov fotografij in razglednic, TE 20, ovoj 2-16, F-4/129, F-4/130, SI_PAM/1702/005/002/001_00050
Written sources
Pšajd, J., 2012. Ciglarstvo na Melincih. V: Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva, številka 1/4, 2012. Str. 121–122.
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Jelka Pšajd: »Ciglarstvo na Melincih«, v Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva, številka 1/4, 2012, str. 121–122
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1200 x 1200 dpi
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Ksenija Rojht, Gordana Šövegeš Lipovšek

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