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Boat mill on the Mura River in Ižakovci


unknown author



The special features of the River Mura are the so-called boat mills which have been partly or wholly floating in water. The Mura River flooded many times and at these times the mills were also in great danger. The boat mills floated on the river and changed their position according to the course of the water. The picture shows such a mill in Ižakovci. The photo was taken in 1935. The inscription on the back of the photo is also interesting: “A boat mill in Ižakovci”.

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Murasziget, Izsakócz
1 fotografija
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Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor / Maribori Területi Levéltár Arhivski fond: SI_PAM/1702 Zbirka albumov fotografij in razglednic, TE 20 , ovoj 2- 12, F-4/78 SI_PAM/1702/005/002/001_00035
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1200 x 1200 dpi
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Brez omejitev
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Ksenija Rojht, Gordana Šövegeš Lipovšek

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